The Suhoton Cave is located in brgy Agcagay Jamindan with its wonderful image.It has several multi-layered chambers in its vast interior. Inside one chamber is an altar-like formation surrounded by stalagmites that seem like giant images in silent repose. Some chambers are as big as hotel ballrooms or cathedrals.There, you could see a mixture of stalagmites and formations that have been formed throughout the years.


During the scorching summer heat, beaches are the most common summer getaways for Filipinos.

In the Jamindan town in Capiz, however, the perfect place for a summer trip can surprisingly be found inside a military camp.

Camp General Macario Peralta Jr., home of the 3rd Infantry Spearhead Division of the Philippine Army, features different scenic spots, including the Kalikasan Park and waterfalls, which is a perfect place for trekking and swimming. The camp even rents out cottages for those who wish to stay overnight.

For garden enthusiasts, the camp has its own Orchidarium Project where orchids and ornamental plants are grown. All of these are of export-quality and visitors can shop for plants at the orchidarium.

The camp also houses two grottos of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of which is near the camp's chapel, while the other sits on top of a scenic hill. Before reaching the grotto, one will pass by Stations of the Cross. At the top of the hill can be seen a marvelous view of the town.

For more offbeat adventurers, the camp also has a static display of high-powered firearms which come with small plaques bearing the gun's specifications. The guns, which were used in military operations, are encased in glass.

The most notable spot in Camp Peralta is a large public swimming pool, a favorite place for military personnel and their families. The place is also open to civilians, who are encouraged to coordinate with camp personnel prior to their visit.


Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz - The 3rd Division Training Unit, the Army School in the Visayas completed significant infrastructure innovations that greatly improved its training quality, services and basic amenities. These developments greatly helped student-soldiers who undergo career courses at the training school. Even with their meager resources, but equipped with vast pool of highly skilled individuals, ingenuity and dedication to get the job done, the Army ‘Gurus’ were able to complete several high value projects.

One of the infrastructures built was the Overflow Bridge which connects the DTU to the Known Distance Range (KDR) of the Division. It was a fact that prior to the construction of the bridge, students of the training school have hard time passing through a thin bar way to the firing range and the motorists cant pass through the river whenever it floods especially during heavy rains. Another is the construction of the DTU Grotto which signifies that Officers and men of the Division 1 raining Unit seek God’s guidance as they perform their designated tasks to serve god,, country and people. furthermore, repainting and putting up of jalousie windows on rooms and sleeping foams for beds of the students. A deep well was also constructed at the Training Village to providethe students’ daily need of water.


Its aquamarine  deep waters rest alongside the steep sloping rocks somewhat like a wall of 70 inclination. The drop-off waters  is only a few feet that intertwines the rocky banks of the river. The deep waters has been preserved due to no occurence of silts. Enjoy the river’s cooling  sensation at the mountainous outskirts of Brgy. San Jose, Jamindan, Capiz.