LET'S visit Jamindan, Capiz to experience the beauty of natural resources and man made creation found in our shining hometown such as the Suhot Cave, kalikasan falls at camp peralta Jamindan, and among others which makes your visit well deserved.

        It may sound tiring to explore but its worth to see the historical places which molded the history of our town.



The town of Jamindan has been under the rule of Spaniards for almost 3 centuries. The richness of its culture and traditions could be attributed to its past like any other towns in the island of Panay. The Spanish influence has literally been acculturated to the present system. It's people's warmth and hospitality and their afflictions in the past greatly affected the personality of the people and became the striking force towards making Jamindan on its present state.

The place got its name from a tree called "Hamindang" which grow abundantly in the community. This tree grows plentifully along the banks of the river during early days of history.

In the year 1744, Jamindan was made a Municipal District by then Governor Don Joaquin Dominguez. He then appointed Abao Dungon the native chieftain as the first Captain. Many distinguished leaders were reappointed after Dungon, but the most popular of them all was Kapitan Manuel Orocio who during his reign paved the way in making Jamindan into a municipality in the year 1804.


Jamindan is politically subdivided into 30 barangays.


  • Agambulong
  • Agbun-od
  • Agcagay
  • Aglibacao
  • Agloloway
  • Bayebaye
  • Caridad
  • Esperanza
  • Fe
  • Ganzon
  • Guintas
  • Igang
  • Jaena Norte
  • Jaena Sur
  • Jagnaya
  • Lapaz
  • Linambasan
  • Lucero
  • Maantol
  • Masgrau
  • Milan
  • Molet
  • Pangabat
  • Pangabuan
  • Pasol-o
  • Poblacion
  • San Jose
  • San Juan
  • San Vicente
  • Santo Rosario


Jamindanganons are to:


1. Love God above all things.
2. Promote a progressive and self-reliant municipality through a well developed agro-industrial economy.

3. Sustain ecologically balanced environment.

4. Develop and promote tourist attraction/destination.

5. Attract and encourage investors.

6. Attain a well-informed, healthy, disciplined and empowered citizenry.

7. Live in atmosphere of peace, harmony and justice.

8. Empower competent and committed leaders to participatory governance. 


A God loving,progressive , self-reliant community with fully developed agro-industrial economy, ecologically balanced environment, an attractive tourist and investors destination with well-informed, healthy and empowered citizenry, living in an atmosphere of peace and working with competent and committed leaders. 



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